Boost sales with referral automation

Send unique referral links to your customers and reward them with store credits on autopilot with SMS, WhatsApp & Email.

How it works

Put your referral program on autopilot

Referrush sends referral codes to your customers, attributes their referrals, and sends them gift codes - all automatically.

Send customers a unique referral link

After a sale is made we send a unique referral code and affiliate link to your customer via SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Email.

Referral links have codes pre-applied

When the referral link is visited, we automatically add the discount code to your customer's cart.

Reward with store credit

When the referral link makes a sale, we automtically send the referrer store credit via SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Email.

Why Referrush

Get new sales and return customers

Happy customers are your best brand ambassadors. Give them an incentive and make it easy for them to share your brand.

Referral links are easy to share

Your customer just needs to forward a link they receive on their messaging platforms.

Reach new buyers for free

You incur no extra cost when a customer shares their referral link

Retain your customers

Sending customers store credits gives them incentives to make a repeat purchase

Increase sales on autopilot
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